Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An amazing day with a Snowy Owl

Yesterday ranks among the colder days I've spent out photographing (windchills reaching -29C), but also one of the best. We arrived well before sunrise at our owl spot and were met with dull light and ferocious winds so we quickly retreated from the frigid cold to 'discuss the shoot' over coffee at Tim Horton's. Thankfully the light improved throughout the day and the afternoon turned out to be magical. It's hard to get sharp photos when you're frozen cold and shivering, but when it's a life opportunity you just keep shooting.

All photos with EOS 1DSmIII and lenses noted below.
Manual exposure determined with my buddy Chris Dodd's light meter. Thanks to Chris, Frances, Marc and Rick for fine company... I'm still laughing about the 'incident' !

above: with 70-200/2.8, really!

above: 500/4IS

above: 500/4IS

above: 500/4IS plus 1.4x teleconvertor

above: 500/4IS plus 1.4x teleconvertor

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Timber (Grey) Wolves

Today I went to a private game park to photograph captive Timber (Grey) Wolves. The weather conditions were idyllic - bright overcast with periods of snow. And of course, the wolves were magnificent!

Photos with EOS 1DsmIII; 500/4 IS lens (some with 1.4 x & 2x teleconvertors)
ISO 400; manual metering off snow + 2 (confirmed by checking histogram)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Snowy Owls

I spent the day photographing Snowy Owls at close range near Ottawa. Despite heavy overcast conditions, it was one of the most fun days of photography I've ever had. I'm crossing my fingers for a sunny day before I have to leave!

EOS 1DsmIII; EF 500/4IS;
manual exposure (metered off the snow + 2 stops)
-owls baited in to capture the in-flight shots

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ducks and Waterfalls

Here are a few photos from today. Started with an early morning drive down to the Lake Ontario shoreline at LaSalle Park, Burlington to photograph ducks. Later in the day it became heavy overcast so I decided to head to Niagara Falls to shoot the falls at night - they illuminate them with colored floodlights. Only have a few processed yet - it's been a long day and I need to crash out for a few hours before shooting again in the morning.

Wood Duck
EOS 1DSmIII; 500/4IS; 1.4x

Niagara Falls at night
EOS 1DSmIII; 70-200/2.8IS; 20-30s exposures; no filters